Empathetic Coding


How do we learn to listen to diverse voices in a world of digital divide? How do we pop the filter bubble and build a media ecosystem informed by empathy, shared values, and a common purpose?

Empathetic Coding seeks to close the empathy gap, on our news feeds and in our online experience, by taking a radically inclusive approach to creating a digital shared reality.

The first prototyping sessions will take place in Spring of 2017.

The Lab

Empathetic Coding is part of Empathy Lab, a joint venture between Refinery29 and the Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University.

The Lab examines and accelerates the role of empathy across a wide range of disciplines, including: policy, education, media, design, technology and healthcare. The Empathy Lab is exploring a new model of partnership. We bring together changemakers with scale partners to ask big questions and explore and prototype our way to possible solutions. We develop and share resources and tools to support social impact worldwide.

Get In Touch

Empathetic Coding is a project by Maya Zuckerman and Sarah Henry.